KSI Leadership Internship Programme (KLIP)



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  What is the KSI Leadership Internship Programme (KLIP)?

As the name suggests, KSI Leadership Internship Programme (KLIP) is a leadership development programme for aspiring leaders. This program focuses on nurturing key attributes such as leadership, integrity, critical thinking, independence, and teamwork, coupled with a strong commitment to societal improvement through effective policy analysis and knowledge exchange.

Choose between specializing in Policy Research or Event Management and Communication to tailor your internship experience and embark on a journey towards impactful leadership development.

Policy Research: Our Policy Research internship offers a unique opportunity for individuals passionate about driving social change through research and policy advocacy. You will work closely with our team of experts to conduct in-depth research, analyze data, and contribute to the development of evidence-based policy recommendations. This internship provides hands-on experience in researching complex issues, drafting policy briefs, and engaging with stakeholders to promote informed decision-making at local, national, or international levels.

Event Management and Communication: Our Event Management and Communication internship offers an opportunity for individuals interested in gaining hands-on experience in both event planning and strategic communication. You will work closely with our team to conceptualize, plan, and execute various events while also supporting communication efforts to promote these events and engage stakeholders. This internship provides a unique opportunity to develop skills in event coordination, marketing, social media management, and stakeholder communication, preparing you for a successful career in the fast-paced fields of event management and communication.

2.  What is KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific?

The KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific (KSI) is a leading independent, non-profit think tank in the Asia Pacific region. It plays a vital role in bridging governments, businesses, and civil society through innovative ideas and practical outcomes. Established in late 2018, KSI has quickly gained prominence by hosting almost 100 high-level events, engaging more than 2,100 policymakers, business executives, and NGO leaders. Recognised globally, it ranked 109th in the “2020 Global Go Think Tank Index Report.” Annually, KSI organises more than 20 major conferences on critical contemporary issues, including the Global Chinese Economic and Technology Summit and the World Digital Economy & Technology Summit, contributing significantly to social policy discussions and international cooperation within and beyond Malaysia.

3.  How different is this KSI Leadership Internship Programme (KLIP) from other internship programmes?

KLIP is more than an internship! KLIP offers a unique take on think tank internships, welcoming you as a “Youth Lead” (instead of calling you “interns”!). This programme is designed to enhance your career prospects through targeted skill development and professional growth opportunities. You’ll find yourself thriving in an environment that values flexibility, creativity, and intellectual engagement, making it more than just an internship—it’s a launchpad for future leaders passionate about making a difference.

4.  What does KLIP entail?

Policy Research

You will be offered a unique blend of policy work and practical application. You will be expected to research and write on a preferred policy area. With the support of the KSI’s team of policy experts, your ideas will be challenged and refined – but over time, you will have a richer and more holistic understanding of public policy in Malaysia, Asia Pacific and beyond. On top of policy work, our Youth Leads will be expected to be hands-on and support us during events, activities and everything in between.

Event Management and Communication

You will be provided a comprehensive opportunity to gain hands-on experience in planning, coordinating, and executing various events and communication strategies. Youth Leads will work closely with experienced professionals in the field to oversee event logistics, manage speakers, create budgets, develop and implement marketing campaigns, manage social media platforms, and draft press releases. Through this internship, Youth Leads will cultivate valuable skills in stakeholder engagement, event coordination, and strategic communication.

During the duration of your time with KSI, each Youth Lead will be provided capacity-building guidance in the form of leadership development and career development.

5.  When is KLIP available?

Applications are open on a rolling basis. However, it is subject to availability.

6.  How long is KLIP?

Spanning a minimum of two (2) months, with considerations to extensions (based on availability), KLIP is an immersive, intensive, experience. It is a carefully curated journey designed to deepen your policy exposure and experience while harnessing your leadership potential.

7.  Who is this for?

KLIP seeks the bold, the ambitious, and the curious. It is tailored for undergraduate and graduate students who not only excel academically but are also passionate about making a difference in the world through leadership, policy analysis, and a commitment to societal improvement. With a range of specializations available such as Policy Research, Event Management and Communication, the programme caters to diverse interests and career goals. If you’re passionate about learning, contributing to meaningful projects, and becoming a future leader in your field, the KSI Leadership Internship Programme is for you.

We are also open to fresh graduates in fields such as:

  • Public Policy, Political Science, Economics, International Relations, or related disciplines
  • Communications, Business Studies, Marketing, Public Relations, Event Management, or related disciplines

8.  What is the working arrangement of KLIP?

KLIP offers a flexible yet immersive working arrangement. You will be expected to work in the office at least three times a week with one day working from home (based on your preference). Fridays are off – yes, we have a 4-day workweek in KSI!

9.  Can I do KLIP virtually?

No. While we provide flexible working arrangements, you are expected to have in-person engagements with the staff. Please refer to Question 7 for more information.

10.  Is this a paid internship?

Yes, KLIP offers a stipend of at least RM600 per month. In life, there are always trade-offs. As we offer a 4-day workweek including 1 day of Work from Home (WFH) option, we believe stipend commensurate with the work expected of our Youth Leads.

11.  How to apply?

To apply for KLIP, please email your resume to:

Showcase your academic achievements, leadership potential, and passion for societal impact. Join us at KLIP, where leaders are shaped, and futures are forged.


Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


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