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Capitalize spare capacity without discounting.

BBX stands for Business to Business Exchange. BBX is like a global chamber of commerce with thousands of members.

Within BBX, we have all different types of businesses such as:

Tourism (flights, coaches, hotel rooms, cruise cabins, entrance tickets and etc.)
Hospitality (restaurants accommodation, entertainment and etc.)
Personal services (cleaning, landscaping, lawn mowing, beauty, hairdressing and etc.)
Professional services (legal, accounting, design, events, marketing and etc.)
Medias (radios, newspapers, magazines, Online directories, etc.)

How does BBX Platform work?

Business operators trade goods and services with other members in exchange for BBX Trade Credits; they then use these BBX Trade Credits to pay for what they need. BBX acts as a third party record keeper and trade facilitator. BBX alternative currency is registered with the ATO and corporations are required to treat it as cash for GST and accounting purposes.

How do i know if BBX is RIGHT for my business?

Unless your business is operating at a full capacity and you don’t need more customers, BBX is for you and will assist you and your business in many ways.

Regardless of the size or number of years you are in business, every company has some form of “unsold time”, “slow-moving stock” or “unsold hotel rooms” or “empty seats at restaurants” known as Spare Capacity.

Spare Capacity is the ability to take on more business without increasing FIXED COSTS. It is perishable and if not captured you can never get it back.”

How BBX Work? What is spare capacity? Optimize Cash Flow through Spare Capacity.

Rise Above The Competition

♦ Guaranteed new customers
♦ Access to marketing support
♦ Interest FREE line of credit
♦ Monetise spare capacity in your business
♦ Embrace technologies
♦ Trade digitally & globally
♦ Rise above the competition & achieve more
♦ Real-time transaction process any trade with other Members
♦ Free Networking, Expo, and networking night for our exclusive members

Join Thousands of Businesses Benefit Daily Using BBX

BBX Members improve their profit margins and reduce their expenses by effectively utilizing their excess goods or idle capacity.


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