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The Malaysia Economic and Strategic Outlook Forum is a high level meeting of minds among those interested in the economic development, strategic direction and future of Malaysia.

It is held at the beginning of each year to assess the key challenges, strategic issues and business opportunities in the coming year. The Forum provides an apt and timely opportunity to feel the pulse of the economy and the tempo of developments in the country.

The new Malaysia will be heading into its 3rd year soon following the 14th General Elections in May 2018. After almost two years in office, the new Pakatan Harapan Government has unveiled the shared prosperity vision and outline the way forward for the new Malaysia economy. Fiscal consolidation, enhanced corporate and economic governance and new directions provide a road map for the new Malaysia economy.

What will be the major challenges facing the economy in 2020? How will the political outlook be like? What are the main political risks? What will the industry and sectoral outlook be like? What are the main priorities for the new Malaysia economy?

The Forum will provide opportunities for business interaction and networking. The Forum will also enable participants to have better insights, information and intelligence to make more informed decisions and better strategic plans for their organisations.

This high level and timely Forum is brought to you by the Economic Club of Kuala Lumpur and the Kingsley Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific.



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