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The Asia Economic and Entrepreneurship Summit (AEES) is a leading regional economic forum organized annually by the KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific, the Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC) and China Daily. The Summit is a meeting of minds for Government, Business, Civil Society and Thought Leaders to discuss the key trends, strategic challenges and major issues impacting on business and industry in Asia. It enables
participants to feel the economic pulse of Asia. It also identifies business and investment opportunities in key economic sectors and the new growth drivers for Asia.

The Covid Pandemic has caused tremendous disruptions across Asia with lives and livelihoods being threatened. Building back in the new normal requires resilience, agility and adaptability as well as government support. In the new normal greater focus will have to be given to digitalization, technology and innovation. Building shared prosperity as well as sustainable and inclusive growth is a key challenge. Businesses and entrepreneurs in Asia including the SMEs and start ups need to adapt to a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambigious).

The Asia Economic and Entrepreneurship Summit provides a timely opportunity for sharing of experience, insights and knowledge to build back better and be updated on challenges, risks and opportunities.



Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference
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