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The recent surge in demand for medical services, accelerated by the pandemic has led hospitals and healthcare organisations to broaden their horizons and explore innovative ways of delivering healthcare beyond the traditional hospitals. With Malaysia starting to become an ageing nation by 2030, the demand for high-quality healthcare services will continue to grow in the healthcare industry.

Earlier this year, Malaysia introduced its first Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital Programme which hope to play an instrumental role in transforming the healthcare ecosystem in Malaysia and the region. Through this programme, the country’s top hospitals are intensifying their commitment and endeavours to raise the bar of excellence in delivering exceptional end-to-end services to their patients, further reinforcing Malaysia’s position as a safe and trusted destination for healthcare.

The Wellness segment is also growing very rapidly in recent years with the establishment of many wellness centres and clinics throughout the country. Many of these centres offer a variety of treatments programs, health therapies and health protocols supporting gut health, environmental toxicity, lifestyle toxicity, chronic illness and inflammatory disease. It has also been integrated into medicine working with medical practitioners to compliment the patient’s healing journey. Due to hyperbaric oxygen,
hyperthermia, controlled hypoxia, infrared, structured Water & detoxification are also important in the treatment of many diseases. These Wellness centres not only caters for Malaysian patients but also foreign patients, hence driving the growth of health tourism.

Further to these health protocols and therapies, some of these centres are also involved in stem cell therapy. The rapid progress in the field of stem cell research has laid strong foundations for their use in regenerative medicine applications of injured or diseased tissues. Regenerative medicine is the branch of medicine that develops methods to regrow, repair or replace damaged or diseased cells, organs or tissues. Regenerative medicine includes the generation and use of therapeutic stem cells, tissue engineering and the production of artificial organs.

This conference aims to discuss and explore the trends, challenges, opportunities and shortfalls in the health and wellness industry in the country post pandemic. The focus of this one-day Health and Wellness Conference in 2023 will be on 4 broad areas - health technology and innovation; health tourism and wellness; ageing and elderly care; and public health policies promotion.



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