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Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural country that faces various challenges in achieving national unity and harmony. Yet in Malaysia we have regressed from a civilised multiracial, multicultural and multi religious society living in relative harmony with empathy and kindness before Merdeka, and on which basis we gained our independence, we have regressed into a society with revived primal instincts and urges, suspicious, hating and fearful of each other. The situation is of serious enough concern that there are frequent exhortations by the Yang DiPertuan Agong, the Malay Rulers and responsible leaders to maintain national cohesion, social harmony and unity.

This unhealthy situation still prevails 53 years after the Blueprint for national unity, the Rukun Negara, was launched on August 31st 1970 and it has two parts: the Principles and the Objectives. While we are constantly being reminded of the five Principles (Believe in God, Loyalty to King and Country, Supremacy of the Constitution, Rule of Law, Ethical Behaviour & Morality), the Objectives are seldom highlighted.

In alignment with the Rukunegara, the Dialog Rakyat’s Code of Ethical Conduct (CEC) and Harmoni-Mesra (H-M) concept, principles and practices were formulated by a group of concerned citizens and civil society organisations. The Harmoni-Mesra values is to counter the unhealthy situation and explore actionable practices to promote sustained harmony and build social cohesion and national unity through actionable practices.

By fostering meaningful dialogue, celebrating diversity, and promoting shared values, a forum on Sejahtera Malaysia can play a crucial role in strengthening national unity and building a brighter future for all Malaysians. Remember, the success of such a forum hinges on inclusivity, open-mindedness, and a genuine commitment to building a stronger Malaysia together.

This forum aims to delve into the very heart of Malaysian identity and nation-building. It's a space to engage in critical dialogue, celebrate diversity, and work towards a more united and prosperous future for all Malaysians.



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