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The governments of ASEAN countries are committed to make their nations a world class place to stay and live.

With investments soaring in civil infrastructure projects it is a high time for private players to form a synergy with government in order to develop a smart nation. By 2030 a population of 90 million is expected to move into the cities. These cities will drive 40% of economic growth in the region. With Singapore and Malaysia leading as the driving force the ASEAN community is gaining momentum to achieve smart urban infrastructure by 2025.

There is still a long way to go. Congested roads, pollution, new construction of high-rise buildings, strained infrastructure, disperse connectivity etc. are
major challenges to be overcome. There is a rapid increase in the count of urban dwellers and industrial development in rural areas are pressing government to sustain civil infrastructure. At one end of the spectrum, urbanization is attracting foreign investments and on the other end of the spectrum, it is also posing concerns and implications regarding straining infrastructure and public safety.

This conference addresses issues that government and private players are facing. It will examine in-depth issues related to designs and development. The discussion on cost control and resource optimization will help stakeholders to cope up with the challenges.





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