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Honouring Distinguished Leaders who have made an impact on the country, business and society.

In any nation it is leaders who shaped the direction and future of their nations and society.

With the world facing an unprecedented global crisis of lives and livelihoods, it is the Leaders at the top of the pyramid in their countries, companies
and communities that make a difference. Their contributions in their fields of endeavours and their transformational journey can be lessons for the next generation as they become shining beacons and leading lights.
They have reached the peaks in their business, professions and
life. Being at their peaks and on top of the pyramid they should be celebrated for their achievements and success. These are the leaders who have make an impact on business and the country.

As we emerge from the Pandemic crisis and enter the new normal environment, we want to celebrate the successes of companies, enterprises and entrepreneurs.

The Top 50 Impact Awards will honour 50 men and women who have distinguished themselves in their respective areas and are at their peak of their industry and business. They are known for their commitment to excellence be it product excellence or service excellence.

We honour their achievements and celebrate their journey of excellence and the impact they have on business, industry and the community.




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