Huawei-KSI Webinar on Cybersecuirty and Trust

07 Apr 2022, The Edge

Cyber threats could outpace traditional approaches to data security: MyDIGITAL CEO

As economies shift to digital and online models, cybersecurity threats can quickly outpace traditional approaches to data security, said MyDIGITAL Corp chief executive officer (CEO) Fabian Bigar. To counter this, he said governments and organisations should seek to be proactive in creating and adapting systems to face these cyber threats. “The global direct monetary losses to cybercrime in 2020 were estimated to have nearly doubled to US$945 million (US$1=RM4.22) from US$522 million in 2018. “The full economic costs of cybercrime including direct, indirect and upstream systems in 2020 have been estimated to be around US$4 trillion, about 4% of the global gross domestic product (GDP),” he said in his opening keynote address at the “Cybersecurity and Trust” webinar on Thursday (April 7).

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07 Apr 2022, Bernama

Cyber threats could outpace traditional approaches to data security - MyDIGITAL CEO


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07 Apr 2022, Malaysia Gazette

Usaha tangani ancaman siber jamin perkembangan ekonomi digital

Kerajaan dan pemain industri dunia perniagaan dan ekonomi digital perlu mengembleng tenaga dalam mencegah ancaman dan serangan siber. Langkah itu perlu diperkukuhkan dengan kerjasama komunikasi strategik dan perkongsian idea teknologi rakan serantau untuk meraih semula keyakinan komuniti global.

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08 Apr 2022, The Malaysian Reserve

Building mutual trust to enhance Malaysia’s digital economy

KSI STRATEGIC Institute for Asia Pacific has called on the ICT industry to invest more resources in creating comprehensive security and quality systems for communications networks and reliable standards against which to assess them. The research institute believes the ICT industry should develop globally accepted, industry-led, security standards along with best practices, security assurance solutions and compliance assessment systems.

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