KSI Artificial Intelligence Research Lab

Published on 15 May 2020

As part of a strategic initiative to help business, government and society stay ahead of the curve with futures thinking research powered by artificial intelligence, KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific and award-winning AI company, MyFinB Group, have jointly established K.AI Research Lab. The primary objective of K.AI Research Lab is to drive forward-looking research and empower business leaders and policy makers to restore and strengthen the Malaysian economy and industries.

K.AI helps to augment the capacity of policymakers to anticipate change in complex sociopolitical and economic environments, fill up incomplete assumptions, and to uncover gaps and inflexibilities in their organisations. Futures Thinking – when used with A.I-based tools, plays an important role in provoking the status quo and traditional processes, and encouraging policymakers out of their comfort zones. K.AI helps leaders to consider the bigger systemic context beyond their immediate domains, and to activate the imagination in a VUCA settings that affect both the individual and organisational levels.

K.AI helps to sensitise organisations to fundamental surprise by planning and channelling resources for different futures through Scenario Planning, thus deepening their agility and resilience so that the future can be understood with fewer material uncertainties.

KAI’s activities include, but not limited to:

1. Advocacy and AI-powered research on four core tracks as part of its Phase I implementation, namely:

A. Reskilling and Upskilling the workforce B. Digital Economy
C. Smart manufacturing
D. Banking – Digital Age

2. Creation of quarterly indexes to measure the sentiment and fundamental direction of key indicators based on the four core tracks

3. Design and implement bespoke expert research systems for organisations to make a case for innovation or investment in innovation, gain awareness of industry or disruptive trends to identify new markets and stakeholders, or seek out growth areas for new ventures when creating an innovation strategy.



15 May 2020