Malaysia CSO-SDG Alliance’s Submission to People’s Scorecard Process Assessing National Delivery of the 2030 Agenda

Published on 08 Jul 2021

The Malaysian CSO SDG Alliance was invited by Action for Sustainable Development (Action4SD) to participate in the 2021 People’s Scorecard process. This is a CSO assessment of the national delivery of the 2030 Agenda in Malaysia. This process provides a valuable platform for CSOs to provide their analysis at the national level and then compare the data across countries around world.

The Malaysian CSO-SDG Alliance has been active in SDGs since 2015 and has provided input to the Malaysian National VNR process in both 2017 and 2021. This year we were active as members of the National VNR Technical and Steering Committees organised by the Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department.

We hosted five working groups in the VNR preparation participated by 62 CSO activist and academics. The findings which was submitted to the National VNR process was also useful inthis People’s Scorecard process. We hosted three additional thematic-targeted focus groups discussions among indigenous people, people with disabilities and women/gender concerns.

We invited key CSO leaders who led the five VNR working groups and the three focus groups to be part of the collective team in undertaking the score card assessment. Different individuals
assisted in undertaking this score card exercise on the 17 SDGs and 10 categories which was a methodology introduced by Action4SD.

This National CSO Report on the 2021 People’s Score card is undertaken as a collaborative effort by 15 core CSO leaders and academics in Malaysia. This report is divided into three parts with Chapter 1 providing general overview of SDGs delivery in Malaysia. Chapter 2 is on the summary of scored card assessment of the 17 SDGs while detail comments are included in the appendix 2. Chapter 3 is the focus group discussion findings. This is Malaysian CSOs input to the global People’s Scorecard process which will be launched on July 8, 2021 at a side event at the High Level Political Form (HLPF).

I like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Dr Lin Mui Kiang, Prof Dr Rashila Ramli, Ms Omn Sreeni Ong, Mr Kon Onn Sein, Mr Anthony Tan, Ms Nur Rahmah Othman, Mr Jeffrey Phang, Dr Murallitharan, Mr James Raj, Assoc Prof Dr Zaimuariffudin Shukri Nordin, Ms Bathama Krishan, Mr Afandi Nor Azmi, Ms Eira Khanum and Dr Jain Yassin for their role in undertaking this exercise in preparing this assessment report based on a score card for the national delivery
of SDGs in Malaysia.

I also take this opportunity to thank Mr Oli Henman (Action4SD) and Mr Anselmo Lee (APSD) for your value advice and partnership in this global advocacy process.


08 Jul 2021