Asma Abdullah, Ph.D,

Intercultural Specialist, Malaysia


Asma Abdullah, Ph.D spent more than 22 years of experience in human resource development within an American multinational corporation. Having retired from her corporate role, Asma now focuses on empowering women through coaching and mentoring services, particularly in the realms of work-life integration. Additionally, she provides essential orientation sessions for expatriates newly arrived in Malaysia, helping them navigate cultural nuances effectively. Her expertise extends to offering cultural awareness training for both local and foreign diplomats.

She is also active within Persatuan Siswazah Wanita Malaysia and PCORE and is deeply engaged in projects related to intercultural management and communication, reflecting her commitment to fostering understanding across diverse cultural landscapes.

As an author, Asma has penned numerous articles and books covering topics such as culture, women’s issues, and training. Her publications include titles like “Understanding the Malaysian Workforce,” “Going Glocal,” and “Insights into Malaysian Culture,” demonstrating her insights into multicultural dynamics.

Asma holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma in Education, a Master’s in Education, and a Ph.D. in Anthropology. Additionally, she is a certified HRDF Trainer and a Certified People Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation. For over a decade, Asma served as a faculty member at Putra Business School, Universiti Putra, where she imparted knowledge on Training & Development, Organization Development, and Cross-cultural Management. She also served as a culture specialist and was on the Board of IYRES under the Ministry of Youth and Sports for more than 5 years.

Currently, Asma remains active by working on various book projects while continuing to provide coaching and training services tailored to women in management roles. She is also dedicated to advancing understanding and empowerment within multicultural contexts.