Asohan Satkunasingham

Author, Progressive HR Practitioner/Chairman of PUPUK


Asohan Satkunasingham is an Author, Progressive HR Practitioner, Chairman of PUPUK.

Distinguished with significant influence in the fields of human resources and personal development. His experience has transformed global organisations, inspired innovative training programs, and guided international policy conversations across 33-years career.

Thought Leadership and Authorship: His publications, “Attitude + Behaviour = Character” and “Are YOU the Missing Piece?” serve as beacons for personal and character development. Now his latest, Charactaire – Quintuple Secrets for Character Richness offers a more holistic self-discovery for growth.

Multifaceted Professional Path: Creating change as a visionary HR strategist. His diverse career has included prominent roles in international organisations, strategic consultancy, and the development of high-impact training programs. Served in senior hr roles mostly in plantations and manufacturing industries.

Global Council Membership: Influence extends to the highest echelons of global expertise. As a Council Member of the Gerson Lehrman Group and a Member of the Business Intelligence Board, he shapes the contours of HR and business strategies worldwide.

Empowering Global Workforce: Having empowered over 20,000 individuals across diverse cultures in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Namibia, and Kuwait, his training programs consistently earn unparalleled approval ratings, surpassing 90%.

Global Recognition and Contributions: In 2010, the World HR Congress bestowed the Pride of HR Profession Award. His perspectives on national interest resonate through influential articles in mainstream and social media platforms.

Architect of Global Education Values: His influence, extends beyond traditional HR disciplines. At the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia, in 2022, he wrote a critical chapter on “Building Values-Based Education Systems for G20 Countries,” impacting worldwide conversation on education and values. He was reinvited for the G20 Summit in India, 2023 to expand his chapter including tools and approached towards values-based education.

Awards and Accreditations: An Accredited HRDCorp Trainer, Accredited Competency Professional, and NOSS Evaluation Panel Member (Department of Skills Development Malaysia), to epitomize commitment to professional standards.

Holistic Organizational Enhancement: His transformative workshops span a spectrum of vital themes, from talent attraction, retention to talent development. Some notable workshops are, Design and Develop Competency based Interview, Training Needs Analysis, Developing a Performance Culture with various proven performance methods, Organizational Development with Doable Interventions, Developing Due People Diligence for M&A, etc.