Associate Prof Dr Sohail Ahmed

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business Management (FBM) – University Technology MARA (UiTM)


DR SOHAIL AHMED, is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Business Administration (FBM), University Technology MARA(UiTM) Puncak Alam, Selangor, West Malaysia.

He has been with the University for 20 years. Professor Sohail Ahmed received his B.B.A from Western Michigan University, majoring in Corporate Finance,his M.B.A. from Ohio University,Ohio and his Phd in Accounting & Finance from Management and Science University, (MSU),West Malaysia.

Prior to joining University Technologi MARA,he was attached in Finance Department at General Electric ( G.E ) International. Prior to that he had extensive banking experience with a reputable Malaysian Bank in the housing loan department. He had published numerous papers ranging from accounting, business, economics and management articles. In addition to adjunct Professor he has taught at Undergraduate,Master and Phd level. He has many students at Phd levels supervising multiple areas in Accounting, Finance, economics, management, operations and business statistics. He regularly been invited as Internal and External Evaluator for Phd, Master and chairs sessions for local and International Universities. Regularly been invited for Industrial attachment sessions providing accounting and finance advises for cost competitiveness and outlining strategies of firms. He develops a financial artificial neural network programs to predict future share prices of any country exchanges in providing better stock returns. His consultation also span to assisting corporations in establishing small and medium sized industries (SME) in potential developing countries.

Associate Professor Dr Sohail Ahmed
Phd,(MSU), MBA,(Ohio),BBA,(Michigan)
Member Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA)
Member Malaysian Finance Association (MFA)
Visiting Prof at University Padjadjaran, (Indonesia)