Associate Professor Dr. Sasa Arsovski

Dean of AI & Robotics Faculty, Raffles University


With more than twenty years’ experience as an AI and IT developer, Dr Sasa Arsovski has received a Ph.D. from the Department of Applied Computer Science and Informatics, Faculty of Technical Science, University Novi Sad, Serbia. Since 2004 he has been working as an independent associate for the development of ICT in the Guarantee Fund of AP Vojvodina, as a visiting Professor at multiple universities (inc. International University in Novi Pazar, Serbia and University Novi Sad, Serbia). He was also the Lab Vice Director and AI researcher at the Imagineering Institute in Johor.

Dr Sasa Arsovski has received an award by the Union of ICT Societies of Serbia (JISA, DISKOBOLOS 2009) and author of the books “Decision support and strategic planning ontologies” and “Deep Learning Applications”. He is a member or chief editor of multiple boards including: Informing Science Institute’ (USA);‘Multimodal Technologies and Interaction-MTI international journal’;‘Transactions on Leading-edge

Synergistic Robots international journal’; MTI’s “Deep Learning” special issue; Program Chair-ACE international conference (2017); 2018 International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence – USA; Academy of Science – Malaysia; and National Machine Learning initiative group.

Dr Sasa Arsovski is a highly recognized AI researcher in the field of computer vision in the industrial quality control, object detection, image understanding and genetic algorithms in the text processing for neural network chatbots.