Azlina Kamal

Education Specialist and Lead, UNICEF Malaysia


Azlina Kamal is the UNICEF Education Specialist and Lead in Malaysia. She provides overall leadership and technical guidance for the strategic development, implementation and evaluation of education programmes within the country programme. She seeks opportunities to accelerate innovation for learning and to leverage on government and private sector partnerships for system strengthening, for capacity building, and for greater engagement and advocacy. Besides focusing on improving learning outcomes, Azlina’s work revolves around ensuring equity and inclusion especially for children who are marginalised, disadvantaged, excluded.

Azlina has provided thought leadership and participated in various discussions at the country, regional and global levels on equity, inclusion and organisational improvements. She is interested in the development of politically and socially contextualised approaches to educational leadership and programming, social justice, and policy development and engagement. She graduated with distinction from the University of Kent, and the UCL Institute of Education London specialising in Education Leadership and Management, and was a recipient of the British Chevening Award.