Caroline Macdonald

CEO, BBX International


CAROLINE MACDONALD is currently serving as Chairwoman of Progressive Investment Management Group (PIM). This Groups houses BBX, Bconnect, BlackTie, Deposit Solutions and Your Agent Real Estate, bringing the world’s largest reciprocal trade communities specialising in E-Commerce and non-traditional commercial transactions, with over 110,000 business members. I am also a board member of IRTA, the International Reciprocal Trade Association, and heading their Crypto Committee. She’s a UNICEF Ambassador, a Certified Trade Executive & Broker, Licensed Real Estate Corporate Manager and government advisor in the CAMCA region on new world economic structures and policies.

Progressive Investment Management Group (PIM) is a global organisation offering multiple digital platforms and solutions which allows its B2B, B2C, P2P members to better manage cash flow, connect with new suppliers, gain new customers and forge networks. It empowers members by providing a digital currencies where they can trade with others, freeing them from relying on unpredictable cash flows to operate.

In her role, she’s responsible for leading the expansion and development of PIM, looking at innovative ways to assist businesses to solve their critical problems and increase their profitability. Caroline is a champion of the benefits of exploring new ways businesses can operate successfully and efficiently, promoting and embracing new technologies to support them to reduce costs and increase profits.

She leads the team from Australia, continuing to embrace emerging technologies for the business and for the benefit of its members, improving the ways in which the world trades. Conscious of her role as a woman in business and as a forward-thinking entrepreneur, Caroline is passionate about how PIM can break down financial barriers to others with an entrepreneurial spirit, providing a low-risk route to efficient operation and ultimately, success.