Dato’ Ch’ng Huck Theng

Chairman, Association of Tourism Attractions Penang (ATAP) and President, CHT Network Sdn Bhd


DATO’ CHNG HUCK THENG is a well-known Malaysian personality, who wears many hats in his professional life. He is the Chairman of the Association of Tourism Attractions Penang (ATAP) and the President of CHT Network Sdn Bhd, a company that promotes business collaborations among industry players globally.

He is also one of the principals behind the successful 167-year-old biscuit and sesame oil manufacturer, Ghee Hiang. Aside from his business ventures, Dato’ Chng is an accomplished author, publisher, philanthropist, and artist. He has authored several books on antiques and art, and self-published them through his establishment, MarketSource. The company also produces lifestyle and tourism publications – EZ Malaysia, EZ Australia and iNPenang. A keen supporter of the local arts and culture scenes, Dato’ Chng serves as President of the Penang Art Society (PAS) and President of the Penang Antiques Collectors Association (PACA).

As an award-winning artist, Dato’ Chng’s works are in the collections of many notable art institutions worldwide. He has also been recognised for his contributions to the tourism industry and the promotion of outstanding establishments. He achieved this through the formation of CHTNetwork, which organises and hosts the biennial CHT International Awards, iNPenang International Awards, and Pinnacle International Excellence (PIE) Awards in Australia.
Dato’ Chng’s impressive achievements and diverse interests make him a prominent figure in Malaysia’s business and cultural scenes.