Dato Ir. Janang Bungsu

Managing Director, Konsortium Bumi Consultants & Services Sdn Bhd


In 2006, Konsortium Bumi Consultants and Services Sdn.Bhd.(KBCS), a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm was formed with the partnership of a Professional Engineer; Ir.David Sengalang Anak Uyang and a Professional Architect; Ar. David Keen Anak Hollis Tini. Dato Ir. Janang Bungsu was entrusted to take the wheel and appointed as Managing Director of KBCS since then. In fact, as at today he is the Managing Director for few other established homegrown firms as listed below:
• Konsortium Bumi Environmental Consultants Sdn.Bhd.
• Konsortium Bumi Development Sdn.Bhd.
• Greentech Landscapes Sdn.Bhd.
• Kejuruteraan C.M.E
• Perunding Ukur Bahan P.S.

Up to date, KBCS has signed quite a number of MoUs; among the big ones are KTA Minsar-KBCS JV and Intercontinental Consultants Technology (ICT) Pte Ltd-KBCS JV.ICT is a world leading multidisciplinary consulting firm from India with more than 35 years and has successfully undertaken 750 prestigious assignments world-wide. Under these MoUs, Konsortium Bumi Group will jointly participate in infrastructure projects in various sectors such as aviation and airports, highways, bridges, traffic and transportation, metrorail, and urban infrastructure in Malaysia as well as nearby countries.