Datuk Azman Ismail

Managing Director, PLUS Malaysia Berhad


Appointed on 1st January 2017 as the Managing Director of PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS), Datuk Azman Ismail’s highway journey has been nothing short of stellar. Within the four years of stewardship of the largest highway network in the Country, Datuk Azman has transformed the organization through a robust Change Management programme, ignited the digital revolution within PLUS, sweeping numerous accolades not just within Malaysia but also across the borders of the Asia-Pacific Region and the World.

Under Datuk Azman’s exceptional safety leadership and commitment, PLUS has proven to be the pioneer of safety in the highway industry through notable safety achievements. He has upheld PLUS as a globally recognized leader on safety by winning the MIROS Safest Closed Toll Highway in 2020 and the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2019 as a recognition for PLUS’ success in implementing various safety initiatives along its highways, making PLUS the first Asia-Pacific highway to win the Award. PLUS also accolades as the first highway in Malaysia to be certified with ISO 39001: 2012 Standard (Road Safety Management System (RTSMS) by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in 2020.

Since 2017, Datuk Azman Ismail led PLUS on a safety journey towards achieving Goal Zero for preventable Fatality and Lost Time Injury (LTI) anchored on the philosophy that “We are only borrowing our employees and our business partners from their families and we must honor their trust and be responsible to take good care of them to ensure their safe return to home, every day”. With this approach, PLUS has seen consistent decrease in the number of accidents occurring among the staff with zero fatality since 2018 and 60 percent reduction of Loss Time Injury (LTI) since 2017.

Datuk Azman as a firm advocate of safety, was instrumental in PLUS’ achievement of becoming the first highway concessionaire to introduce the Expressway Operation Safety Passport (EOSP) in the country. The EOSP is now recognized as the Industry Standard as was since then applied and adopted on other highways in Malaysia.

Under his stewardship, PLUS and Edgenta Propel Berhad introduced the Highway Safety Vehicle, which creates a temporary safe working zone for debris clearing works and traffic management, leading to improved safety for 3,000 highway workers and contractors on the highway mainline.

His leadership steer resulted in the transformation of the highway operations from the modernization of the Traffic Monitoring Centre, including innovations for the PLUSRonda highway patrol unit’s incident reporting process through PLUSRonda Intelligent Management System (PRIME), the progressive shift toward a more efficient toll payment system, enhancing customer engagement via the PLUS App and the world’s first highway A.I. PUTRI Chatbot.

Datuk Azman is also a Board Member of Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (MIROS) and the appointed President of the Association of Highway Concessionaires Malaysia (PSKLM) for the term 2019 to 2021.