Dr Bawani Nesamany

Group Academy Director, European Wellness Academie-Germany & Switzerland


She has a diverse and extensive background in the fields of education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship. Over the course of her 13-year academic journey, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in academic training, higher education, curriculum development, adult learner training, professional development, and skill evaluation in both education and esthetics. During her undergraduate years, she conducted scientific investigations in fields such as psychology, pathological anatomy, and psychiatry, earning multiple awards for her presentations at medical schools across the country.

Throughout her career, she has been actively involved in higher education, including serving as a lecturer and tutor for nursing and health sciences programs. Her expertise extends to curriculum development, program evaluation, and adult learning assessment. She has also specialized in higher education teaching and learning, often referred to as Andragogy and Metacognitive Sciences.

She has served as a Lecturer and progressed as an Andragogy Trainer for over 400 academics and 2000 adult learners over the short span of 3 years. She is involved in social entrepreneurship and trained over 1000 women who had different learning needs which varied based on their individual intended learning outcomes. She has managed several self-sustaining CSR labels that addressed women with economic challenges including driving one of her own under her consultancy Dima & Banes. She has founded and cofounded several NGOs in the country which is serving till today.

In addition to her contributions to higher education, she has made a significant impact in the field of social entrepreneurship. She has trained over 1000 women with diverse learning needs, addressing economic challenges and promoting self-sustainability. She co-founded several NGOs focused on empowering women, and her work in this area aligns with her strong belief in the transformative power of educating women.

Her career also includes roles as an Academic Board Advisor for the European Wellness Group and a
TrainThe-Trainer facilitator certified by the Human Resources Development agency. She has played a key role in developing Outcome-Based Education focused on estheticians, therapists, medical practitioners, and physicians, particularly in the application of Biological Regenerative Sciences.

Furthermore, she has worked on international collaborations in higher education, facilitated clinical trials, and demonstrated proficiency in assessment and evaluation. She is committed to making a positive impact on future generations, especially Millennials, Gen Z, and Alpha, by contributing to their education and wellbeing.

Her comprehensive skill set encompasses curriculum development, higher education management, content writing, international education consultancy, academic board advisory, and more. She is also an active member of professional organizations and has received certifications in various fields related to education and healthcare. Her dedication to education, healthcare, and social entrepreneurship is evident throughout her extensive and diverse career.

She played a pivotal role in successfully heading the A4M Thai 2023 Symposium in Bangkok, Thailand. Her leadership led to the achievement of the event’s goals and more. She coordinated with stakeholders from over 20 countries, managed local partners, addressed legislative requirements, conducted financial negotiations, oversaw onsite event logistics, and handled delegate, guest, collaborator, and speaker recruitment. The symposium attracted over 300 participants, including delegates, guests, and speakers, along with more than 20 exhibitors who praised the event’s experience and financial outcomes.

Currently serving as the Academic Board Advisor for the European Wellness International Group, Dr. Bawani Nesamany is focused on implementing Outcome-Based Education to enhance the skills of estheticians, therapists, medical practitioners, and physicians in the application of Biological Regenerative Sciences globally. She believes these initiatives will contribute to the treatment and prevention of severe and chronic diseases.

In addition to her symposium leadership, Dr. Bawani Nesamany has organized numerous wellness and antiaging seminars, conferences, and educational programs. She has developed 16 modules and 5 courses from scratch, establishing three institutions through university collaborations and obtaining training provider licenses from the Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources between 2019 and 2021. Driven by her vision, she has implemented Learning Management Systems (LMS), designed Outcome and Competence Based Education, and conducted webinars, even during the challenging times of the pandemic, with over 1000 learners worldwide.

Currently pursuing her Doctorate, she aims to expand her expertise in Ayurveda skill training and promote alternative wellness solutions throughout Malaysia by innovating and facilitating cross-transactions in skill education strategies. Her dedication to education, wellness, and innovation is evident in her multifaceted contributions to these fields.