Dr Cao Zhongxiong

Assistant President, China Development Institute and Director of the Digital Strategy and Economic Research Center


Dr. Cao Zhongxiong is the Assistant President of the China Development Institute (CDI) and the Director of the Digital Strategy and Economic Research Center. He is also the expert in the economic group of Shenzhen Pioneering Demonstration Zone for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, the consulting expert to the Legislative Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress, and the Deputy Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Association of Applied Economics.

Dr. Cao’s research focuses on the digital economy field. He has led and participated in over one hundred consulting and planning projects for Chinese governments at all levels, as well as Alibaba, Tencent, and other leading digital economy companies; published well-known research reports such as China’s Digital Road, Platform Economy Health Index, Shared Innovation-Creating the World’s Top Science and Technology Innovation Bay Area, etc.