Dr. Chee Wei Yen

Executive Director, Risk Advisory, Deloitte Malaysia


Dr. Chee Wei Yen is a Risk Advisory Executive Director with Deloitte Malaysia, based at the Kuala Lumpur office. Her core expertise revolves around establishing regulatory practices for banking subsidiaries and branches, emphasizing Basel II/III & IFRS 9 framework implementation, ICAAP exercise enhancement, Climate Risk Integration, and meticulous regulatory procedures.

Throughout her tenure, Wei Yen has been instrumental in the implementations of Basel II and IFRS 9 for numerous ASEAN banks, showcasing her commitment to regulatory excellence. Additionally, she has played a crucial role as a trusted advisor to digital bank aspirants in Malaysia, elevating risk management, compliance, and internal audit functions. Wei Yen’s multifaceted expertise extends to emerging areas, including climate risk and sustainability, where she actively engages with prominent financial institutions in Malaysia to integrate climate risk within risk management processes, facilitates climate risk management and scenario analysis, and drives TCFD disclosure development initiatives.