Dr Edward Tse

Founder & CEO, Gao Feng Advisory Company / Former Chairman, Booz Allen & Hamilton, China


Dr. Edward Tse is founder and Chairman, Gao Feng Advisory Company. He became one of the pioneers in China’s management consulting industry, by building and running the Greater China operations of two leading international management consulting firms (BCG and Booz) for a period of 20 years. He has consulted to hundreds of companies, investors, start-ups, and public-sector organizations (both headquartered in and outside of China) on all critical aspects of business in China and China for the world. He has also advised Chinese government organizations at different levels on strategies, state-owned enterprise reform and Chinese companies going overseas, as well as to the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. He has authored several hundred articles and six books including the award-winning The China Strategy (2010) and China’s Disruptors (2015), as well as《变局思维》 (Strategic Thinking in the Era of Mega Changes) (2022).