Dr. Haji Mazlan Bin Haji Ahmad

Executive Chairman, Richwood Ventures Berhad


Dr. Haji Mazlan Bin Haji Ahmad B.Acc, ICSA, FCIS, MBA, DBA, Honorary Colonel (RELA), is the founder of Masyi Group of Companies which operates in a few countries, including China, Hong Kong and others. He is directly involved in various sectors such as construction and development, properties, food and tourism, financial and banking, hotel products and services, management and advisory service.

Among the positions currently hold by Dr Mazlan is the Executive Chairman of Richwood Ventures Berhad group of Companies, Corporate Advisor to Y.A.M Tengku Putri Datin Paduka Hjh. Arafiah binti Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abd. Aziz Shah Alhaj. Managing Director of Masyi Technologies Sdn. Bhd., Director of Masyi Trust Limited and Director of Asia Capital Holdings Limited. He was formerly Executive Chairman of Finterra Group of Companies and Executive Director of Hidayah Group of companies.

He has more than 20 over years of experience in the banking industry. Dr Mazlan previously held various roles and portfolios during his service with Central Bank of Malaysia, among others, strategic planning, human resource management, branch operation, drafting policy and procedural manual, financial intelligence, enforcement in financial crime and strategic security management.

He is a Doctorate holder in Business Administration (DBA) from Warsaw Management University, Poland and Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) from University Of Georgia, Netherland. He finished his studies from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) at Kolej Professional Baitulmal in 1995 and then received recognition as a Fellow (FCIS) in the year 2012. He also has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

With vast experience as a banking officer (Board member in one of the Islamic Bank, enforcer and administer of financial system and also banker in the financial industry), plus a personal mission to produce entrepreneurs with integrity, dynamic and ummah visionary, Dr Mazlan has developed a formula and strategies to create modern entrepreneurs who will change the landscape of economy and entrepreneurship at national and international level. Every entrepreneur that developed from this project will have the following fighting spirit:- i) Complying Islamic banking system and fully rejecting usury system; ii) Creating ‘halalan toyyiban’ eco-system which entails value supply chain, certification, e-commerce and payment system gateway; iii) Expanding the use of Islamic Social financial system which encompasses management of ‘sadakah’, ‘zakat’ dan ‘waqaf’, ‘wasiat’, ‘hibah’, ‘faraid’; iv) Developing entrepreneurship and new business areas; and v) Utilising latest form of technology such as blockchain, robotic, artificial intelligence, smart contract, digital technology and others.

Equipped with various expertise and exposure, strong networking strategic partners, comprehensive value supply chains and committed to change the current leadership trend towards advancing ‘ummah’, Dr Mazlan is confident to bring the wind of change to the advancement of Islamic financial system and social entrepreneurship. He is now actively involved in developing the infrastructure for financial education system based on Islamic Social Financing, especially in relation to the development of Wakaf (Endowment) eco-system.

He is always invited to speak and share his expertise at conferences, locally and abroad. He is also a subject matter expert for preparation and coordination of the United Nations’s initiative relating to the Sustainable Developmental Goals. Dr Mazlan is also renown as one of the pioneering champion in the renewed and comprehensive world Islamic Social Finance in term of policy changes in the Waqaf system and how it should operate effectively. To counter the declining trust in the integrity of the Islamic Social Finance system, Dr Mazlan has brought back the confidence in the system by utilising blockchain technology as a unique platform to empower the Islamic social finance system. This has brought all parties from different levels whether contributors, recipients and the administrators become more confident in the transparency and systematic management of Islamic social finance. As a result of that, more parties could empower directly or indirectly, the Islamic social finance system. His first step was to make change of the mindset and bring back the confidence in the Islamic social finance system.

Dr Mazlan also provides advisory service in raising fund and finance. For this purpose, Dr Mazlan involves directly in providing advisory and training services through company secretary and trust company in Labuan. He also provides a balanced advisory service so that no parties will be victimized into financial crime whether in the form of bribery, external or internal fraud, money laundering and others. His tendency in combating corruption brought him among the founding members of the Malaysian Corruption Watch. It is Dr Mazlan’s vision to create the only ‘Waqaf’ Bank in Malaysia before expanding into the World ‘Waqaf’ Bank, Insya-Allah