Dr. Jillian Yeoh

Managing Director, IMM Carehub


With more than 20 years of practice in diverse industries ranging from Hospitality, Health & Wellness, Luxury Wellness and Finance, Dr Jillian Yeoh is a versatile entrepreneur who have founded businesses in cosmeceutical manufacturing and healthcare services in the UK, Switzerland and Malaysia.

In addition to her entrepreneurship background, Dr Jillian is also equipped with a post-graduate degree from RMIT Australia, PhD in Aged Care from IUG Switzerland and a post doctorate in Community Health from Harvard University.

Currently based in Malaysia, she champions healthy ageing through her latest venture, IMM Healthcare, a HealthTech solution provider on Active Ageing, Rehabilitation and Inclusive Wellness as well as its
subsidiary, IMM Carehub, one of the nation’s First Private Senior Lifestyle Rehab Centre that provide a holistic value-based care in physical, mental, nutritional and social wellness for seniors.

Her work in advocating healthy ageing through IMM Carehub has earned accolades that includes the Global Ageing Trailblazer by Ageing Asia, Facility of the Year 2023 – Active Ageing of the 11th Eldercare Innovation Awards, Accelerator Winner of the Khazanah Impact Innovation Challenge Award, Best Healthcare Entrepreneur by Asia Healthcare Award 2021/2022, Best Senior Rehabilitation Centre 2022 by Natural Health, and Finalist – Boutique of the Year by FIT Summit 2022.