Dr. K. Arichandran

Former Visiting Scientist, MIMOS


Dr K. Arichandran is a retired academician from Universiti Malaya. He is the former Visiting Scientist

Academic Background
BE, University Malaya (1965), BSc, University of London , Mathematics (1967), PhD, University of Malaya (1970)
Professional Membership: Senior Member IEEE (USA) from 1991, P Eng (M’sia) – from1973.

Summary of Working Experience in Academia:
1991 – 2007: Associate Professor, NTU, Singapore, 1986 – Academic Visitor, University of Sydney,
1979 – Visiting Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Boston, USA, 1973 – Academic Visitor, Imperial College, 1983 – Associate Professor, University of Malaya, 1971 – 1983: Lecturer, University of Malaya, 1968 – 1971: Assistant Lecturer, University of Malaya, and 1965 – 1968: Tutor, University of Malaya

Academic / Administrative Position: 1989 -1990: Dean Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, and 1984 -1990: Member of the University of Malaya Senate.

Technical Research Management:
2001- 2004: Member of the Board of Management Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), Singapore

Role: Visiting Scientist / Consultant:
Summary of work done with an R&D Institutions since 2008 to-date
1. Currently (2014) engaged in discussions with ITU (International Telecommunications Union) Focus Group on “Real time Flight Data access from ground. Contributed to Use Cases by demonstrating the need for detecting airborne hijacking by passengers and crew. Presented a slide demo of how abnormal movements in the aisle of planes can be handled by video analytics. This was done in the third meeting of the ITU Focus group in Geneva. Collaborated with Prof Luc Van de Gool from Computer Vision Lab, ETHZ, Zurich.

2. Proposed as well Cloud platform co located with satellite communication ground hubs to handle, archive and manipulate real time flight data. Altogether 12 hubs, six of these along the Equatorial belt and 3 each for the Arctic and Antartic belts. The 12 hubs with proximate Cloud platforms would sufficient to ingest the data from 5000 planes flying at any given time around the world.

3. Worked in 2014, as a member of the Focus Group to launch the Newton Fund with UK and Malaysia. The Focus Group was chaired by the Science Advisor Prof Zaki.

4.Worked in 2015 with Academic Science Malaysia and MIMOS to formulate a 4 Track Mathematical Modelling Workshop. Each workshop was run for three days by Invited Experts on. : a, Big Data , b, Smart Grid for Power Utilities, c) Oil Palm Growth, d) Bioinformatics. One hundred participants joined the workshops in KL.

5. Currently (2015) working on Data Cleansing in MIMOS. The phonetic classifier helps to group similar sounding names by effectively a hashing process. Present work is to improve its efficacy for grouping Malaysian Chinese names. This area of work is related to Entity Resolution problems.

6. Contributed to the modelling of the data throughputs for the BestariNet, covering 10,000 schools in Malaysia. The system provides a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for the schools. The modelling was based on stress testing of the system for high number of concurrent users and monitoring the response times at a number of sample schools.

7. Contributed algorithms for Logistic Platforms dynamic routing. Contributed algorithms for Job matching with over a million job seekers and vacancies over ten thousand job categories. Algorithms for detection of money laundering patterns. Algorithms for entity resolution.

8. Analysis of bottle neck problems in IT systems and their modelling.