Dr. Lee Oi Kum

Chairman, Kashtec Holdings, Singapore


DR. LEE OI KUM graduated as a medical doctor and an entrepreneur. She has founded or invested in business enterprises outside of her academic profession and family holding business.

Dr. Lee is the chairperson of the IT company, E-Komoditi Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company she founded with technology partner Heitech Padu Berhad, that provides full suite of researched and developed IT solutions to the government and public sectors.

E-Komoditi Sdn Bhd initiatives in the agritech sector, focusing on enabling mobile applications for in-field workers to enhance their productivity, and IT solutions to improve data collection on the supply chain from field to oils for precision plantation management. Current primary initiatives are in further development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics and Risk Management in the enterprise-wide operating platforms for agri sector.

With her continuing interest in the world of “Internet of Things”, Dr Lee is a key partner in innovating a traditional barter business into a global trade portal in 11 countries, with 15,000 SME business owners as members, under the trade portal brand name BBX. She is the board director of BBX Holdings Pte Ltd.

In the Fintech space, Dr Lee, with a banking partner, is the founding board member and Chairperson to develop solutions for SME, together with banks and large corporates, using digital trade credits as a form of settlement in transactions. Currently the company, Kashtec International Pte Ltd, has on-going projects in Bangladesh, China and India.

Dr. Lee Oi Kum has strong interests in social enterprises and philanthropic endeavours, significantly contributing to both areas. She has a passion to empower individuals and SMEs by breaking down physical borders and economic boundaries through innovative application of technologies.