Dr May Tan

Medical Doctor and Founder, My Precious Home Sdn Bhd


DR. MAY TAN is a medical Dr graduated frm Manipal Higher Education of India & had her housemanship & training in Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

She was invited for a charity event in an Old Folks home 7 years ago, little did she know this would change her career entirely.

What she witnessed in the old folks home , the poor living condition of the home and how the elderly were ageing in agony eg : there was no care provider to help the aged blind elderly , many of them had a fall and sustained fracture & head injury , all these disturbed Dr May Tan tremendously that she resigned from her Private Hospital job with the determination to start the elder care home with the
intention to change this industry for the better in terms of quality & all aspects with her knowledge as a Medical Dr and her Compassion for the elderly .

Today Dr May Tan is running a chain of elder care homes with the mission of helping the elderly to age with dignity, support and care.
– Ageing need not be in agony or lonely but in contrary, ageing can be fun & be pampered & have company
– Dr May Tan is also a member of Agecope – the Association of Home Operators in Malaysia, sharing her knowledge and experience with others home operators in this industry.