Dr. Mazrina Binti Mohamed Ibramsah

Deputy Director General, Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC)


DR MAZRINA MOHAMED IBRAMSAH is the Deputy Director General of Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), an agency under the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI), responsible for driving Malaysia’s productivity and competitiveness. A highly skilled and dedicated project leader, Dr Mazrina has vast experience in managing governance reform initiatives and public sector modernisation in Malaysia, with excellent track records in administering complex multifunctional process innovation and digitalisation projects for almost 24 years.

Dr Mazrina was recognised with two excellence awards for PhD in Human Resource Development Award in 2013 and Overall Best Academic Award for Diploma in Science Management in 2004. During her responsibility as director of Northern Region in 2019- 2021 her leadership was instrumental in realising Project E10: Express Construction Permits with Kulim Municipal Council and state of Kedah. MPC facilitated the initiative to reduce the time for the construction, processes and procedures in developing a manufacturing plant from an average of two years to only ten months. A model now emulated by Kulai Johor and other local councils.

In 2023, Her contribution in public sector reforms (STAR) project, indicate through the success of accelerating expatriate application process to enhance economic performance. Her ability to deep dive, create solution and facilitate more than 20 ministries and agencies witnesses huge reduction of processing time from 90 days to 5 days using Single Window Platform.

Currently, Dr Mazrina is leading 2 main projects:

  1. Academy in Industry (AiI) project through PEMUDAH initiative to facilitate industry for talent development and upskilling using collaborative synergy with industry players.
  2. Enhancing local company (PMKS) capability to level up and achieve international standard using frontier / MNC companies including St Micro, Inari, Vitrox, Key Sight, Western Digital and Perodua.

Core Accomplishment

  1. Driving Effective Implementation of Good Regulatory Practice (GRP) for Transparent and Efficient Regulatory Frameworks
  2. Reducing Unnecessary Regulatory Burden for Oil & Gas sector, Logistic sector and Local Authority
  3. Spearheading Collaborative Innovation for Accelerated Construction Permit Processes through PEMUDAH – eg. Express Construction Permit (E10) in Kulim
  4. Government Transformation: Streamlining the Renewal of Expatriate Permits to Improve Business Efficiency
  5. Managing an Enterprise Productive (EP) Program: Enhancing National-Level Productivity and Competitiveness through Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Synergy
  6. Productivity Development Strategist: Driving State-level Growth and Economic Well-being
  7. Led the creation of a forward-looking workforce strategically developed a highincome, skilled workforce, catalyzing a transformative shift that aligned organizational capabilities with dynamic market demands overseeing program Academy in Industry (AiI)


  • Change Management
  • Productivity improvement Initiatives
  • Behavioural Insight Approach
  • Agile Regulation
  • Government Sectoral Reforms
  • Reducing Unnecessary Regulatory Burdens on Business
  • Process Improvement
  • Reviewing of existing regulations
  • Consultation and Analysis
  • Research and Development
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management