Dr. Vincent Kwok Liang Chian

Director, Fairview International School Group


Dr Vincent Chian is a medical graduate from Manchester University and a former Psychiatry Registrar. Over the last 11 years, he taught biology, inspired a science department, led the IB Diploma programme and championed holistic education as a principal. Under his leadership, the IB Diploma at Fairview handed out over RM 2 million in scholarships and achieved a cohort average of 37 out of 45 points. Fairview has won several awards recently, including the International School Award for Teaching and Learning 2021 for their novel skill development programme and achieving the 48th best IB Diploma score in the world. He was awarded the lifetime achievement award by Kingsley Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific for Educational Excellence in 2021.

Vincent’s passions include curriculum development, IB pedagogy, teacher training and the integration of technology in education. Dr Vincent is a trained Concept-Based Teaching and Learning professional and regularly speaks at conferences and conducts workshops in the areas of educational pedagogy, leadership, technology, family business, organizational change, holistic education, teacher development and skill development in schools.