Faye Lim

Founder, The Rojak Projek


Lim Sheng Feiyan, also known as Faye Lim, is a Malaysian Art Entrepreneur and Social Artist dedicated to promote the diverse beauty and strength of Malaysia through her art, culinary creations, and cultural expressions.

Faye holds a Diploma in Advertising & Graphic Design from The One Academy Communication Design, Malaysia. With over a decade of experience, she has excelled as a Creative Director, Graphic Designer, and Digital Portrait Painter. Her portfolio includes stunning works featuring Malaysia’s Royal Families and VIPs, showcasing her exceptional talent and commitment to her craft.

Currently, Faye serves as the Managing Director of Canvas Art Creative Sdn Bhd, a testament to her passion and leadership in preservation and arts. Her work not only reflects her artistic prowess but also her deep-rooted love for her country and its rich cultural heritage.

After witnessing numerous challenging events in Malaysia, Faye also embarked on a transformative journey, founding THE ROJAK PROJEK, an initiative under TRP CREATIVES, a social enterprise dedicated to inspiring and driving social change through creativity. Faye’s ultimate goal is to attain global recognition as a pioneering art entrepreneur and social artist who has forged profound connections and made a positive impact by showcasing the beauty of Malaysian people, food, and culture through art – inspiring many worldwide by 2027.

About THE ROJAK PROJEK (www.therojakprojek.com) THE ROJAK PROJEK is an initiative by TRP CREATIVES, a social enterprise that focuses on Malaysian unity and togetherness through Malaysian arts, food and culture. THE ROJAK PROJEK‚Äôs mission is to bring together Malaysia’s diverse culture and proudly share this with the world.

About CANVAS ART (https://www.canvasartmalaysia.com/)
We believe that all photographs have stories to tell. CANVAS ART has been in the service of restoring photographs for more than 20 years – helping customers digitise old, printed photos that have discolouration and damage. We can also reprint pictures onto high-quality canvas, photobooks and coffee table books that allow customers to preserve and showcase their memories for generations.