Hon. Datuk Dr. Hj Hazland bin Abang Hj Hipni

Deputy Minister for Energy and Environmental Sustainability, Sarawak


Hon. Datuk Dr Hj Hazland Bin Abang Hj Hipni was appointed as the Deputy Minister for Energy and Environmental Sustainability Sarawak in 2022 and has been Member of Dewan Undangan Negeri for Demak Laut state constituency for 3 consecutive terms from 2011 through to 2016 and 2021. Over 30 years YB worked as a private medical practitioner, consultant and advisor in the medical field and active in politics as secretary, deputy head of branch and head of PBB branch N5 Demak Laut. YB is married to Hajah Dayang Halimah bte Abang Paul and has 4 children.