Izawati Ngadni

Programme Leader of Early Childhood Education Department, UNITAR International University


Lecturer cum Programme Leader Early Childhood Education Department,
Faculty of Education and Humanities
UNITAR International University

Experienced as an educator for two years at a government primary and secondary school and spent five years in a private preschool as a teacher, education executive, and principal. Then I continued to advance in my career as an early childhood educator and practitioner by managing the day-to-day operations of a child enrichment centre for 15 years and serving as operations director for two of the center’s branches. My grasp of the realities and difficulties facing the early childhood education sector has greatly benefited from this experience. In addition, I have experience and responsibility in offering thorough, enjoyable, and kid-friendly teaching guidelines and teacher training. Currently employed as a lecturer and programme leader in the field of early childhood education at an academic institution (University).

As a lecturer in the field of early childhood education, in addition to teaching graduates, as the programme leader, I am also responsible for preparing and ensuring that the requirements of the program are always to the required standard in addition to working closely with experts from the early childhood education industry to provide opportunities for graduates to develop their careers. This cooperation with the early childhood education industry was also developed by providing programs that provide opportunities for experienced teachers to obtain formal certification in early childhood education at either the diploma, degree, or master’s level. At this level, I am responsible as a supervisor, interviewer, and assessor in evaluating candidates who are qualified to continue their studies to the next level in the programs offered by the University.