Liu Xueliang

General Manager, BYD Asia Pacific Auto Sales Division / President, BYD Japan


Liu Xueliang, male, Han nationality, born in March 1972, a native of Yingkou, Liaoning Province, settled in Japan from April 1991 to the present.
BYD Asia Pacific Auto Sales Division General Manager, BYD Japan President.
Mr. Liu is responsible for the long-term development strategy and overall affairs of BYD in the Asia Pacific region.
In 1997, Graduated from Tokyo International University, Japan, with a Bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Trade.

In 2004 , Joined BYD as the General Representative of BYD in Japan.

In 2005, BYD Japan was established, and he became the president of BYD Japan.

In 2012, BYD Asia Pacific Automotive Sales Division was established as General Manager of BYD Asia Pacific Automotive Sales Division. The pioneer of BYD’s flourishing development in Asia Pacific.

Within a few years, he has set up branches and production bases in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and India, bringing BYD’s self-developed and manufactured pure electric buses & forklifts &

trucks&passenger vehicle to various markets in the Asia-Pacific region, driving new records in the energy vehicle industry in many markets.

In February 2015, BYD became the first Chinese automotive brand to successfully enter the Japanese market.

In July 2022, Liu Xueliang represented BYD to officially announce the entry of BYD passenger vehicles into the Japanese market in Tokyo, Japan.