Mariammah Subramaniam

Dialog Rakyat/ NCWO


Mariammah Subramaniam represents the National Council of Women’s Organisation in Dialogue Rakyat.

Her vast experience in community building includes being appointed as a Community Mediator by the Ministry of Unity and a Pengerusi of Kawasan Rukun Tetangga (KRT). She serves as a collaborator with the Baha’i Community of Malaysia, Treasurer in the Association for Peace, Conscious and Reasoning (PCORE) and works full-time as a Life Planner Advisor. As someone who believes in the nobility of mankind, she advocates for the rights and inclusivity of women and children.

She co-founded Vanguards4Change and serves in the Child Rights Coalition of Malaysia (CRCM) steering committee. She believes that unity in diversity is our strength and it can be realised with the 3 protagonists of society having a sense of two-fold moral purpose – to develop individually and to collectively contribute to the betterment of the community.