Mr. Ben Kho

Principal, TAHPI Malaysia


MR. BEN KHO joined and formed TAHPI Malaysia Branch office in 2011 with his valuable experience in design, documentation and construction for numerous projects in Australia, UAE and Malaysia.

Ben is an experienced architect who has a broad portfolio in health planning as well as non-clinical design and planning. An Australian-trained architect, he has designed and managed large complex projects including mixed use, leisure and hospitals in different countries. He has been involved in many local projects, particularly University Malaya Health Metropolis and Masterplanning. He has also led project teams and coordinating with engineering consultants on many local projects.

Ben is self-motivated and has excellent interpersonal, communication and organisational skills while establishing a good rapport with the client and understanding their needs, assisting in balancing all parameters to create the best solution possible.

Ben is experienced in the use of the web-based Health Facility Briefing System (HFBS), using it to aid health planning and manage document in the database.