Mr Michael Chew

Managing Director, Federal Oats Mills Sdn Bhd


Michael Chew serves as the Managing Director of the United Malayan Flour Group of Companies, overseeing its grain milling, trading, and distribution operations located in Penang and Sabah. His professional journey began in 2005, following the completion of his BBM degree from the Singapore Management University, when he joined the family’s flour mill. Since then, Michael has navigated various roles within the group, gradually expanding his expertise across sales, marketing and operations.

Currently, as the Managing Director, Michael’s responsibilities are diverse and encompass managing the family’s flour, oats, and pulse milling factories.
Additionally, he leads the trading and distribution of food ingredients and
fast-moving consumer goods businesses. His strategic acumen extends beyond traditional business avenues as he also directs investments into promising food start-ups, positioning the company for future growth and innovation.

In 2017, Michael embarked on a transformative project to establish Southeast Asia’s largest oats mill in Penang, Malaysia. Committed to upholding the highest standards of food safety and environmental sustainability, he ensured that the facility would be ESG ready. This visionary endeavor culminated in 2020 with the inauguration of the state-of-the-art oats mill, strategically located within the Halal Food Zone of the North Penang Science Park. The mill stands as a testament to the group’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the food industry.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Michael is deeply invested in giving back to the community and fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs. He dedicates his personal time and resources to supporting food-based start-ups in Singapore, serving as a mentor and investor. Recently, he made a strategic investment in an alternative protein company focused on producing plant-based meats for the APAC region, underscoring his commitment to sustainability and emerging trends in the industry.

In summary, Michael Chew’s journey exemplifies dedication, innovation, and community stewardship. His leadership continues to shape the landscape of the food industry, driving growth and sustainability both regionally and globally.