Mr. Murugason R. Thangaratnam

Chief Executive Officer, Novem CS, Malaysia


Mr. Murugason R. Thangaratnam is a security professional and serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience building businesses in diverse sectors.

He currently sits as the Executive Chairman of Advanced Security Network Sdn Bhd (ASN), an established Home Ministry licenced security and private investigations company, that his pioneering late father founded in 1991.

In 2019, together with a veteran from the telco and defence industry, he set up
Novem CS Sdn Bhd, a bespoke cyber security company. He is the Chief Executive
Officer of Novem CS, which is a subsidiary of ASN. Novem CS is an award-winning
cyber security company which is making tremendous strides in the cyber security
space in Malaysia, propelled by strategic partnerships with best of breed cyber
security solution providers, both local and global.

Muru graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from Bond University Australia, in 1996. He is a ‘Certified Cyber Security Practitioner’ (CCSP) by the Chartered International Institute of Security & Crisis Management and a ‘Certified Digital Transformation Professional’ (CDTP) by CASUGOL (Singapore). In addition to this,
he is a ‘Cyber Defence Strategy Professional’ (CDSP) by VulsanX Academy Malaysia, and has a ‘Certificate in Corporate Security Management Studies’ from the Academy of Security, Intelligence and Risk Studies (ASIRS) and a ‘Certificate in Countering Malicious Operation Against Financial Institutions’ from Sandia National Laboratories (USA). He is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in cyber security, and is regularly quoted in the press and invited to speak in forums and live TV interviews.

As of 2022, he has diversified into the exciting and relevant area of ESG, with the formation of Novem ESG. He achieved a milestone on June 2023, when he was awarded the ‘Outstanding Leadership Award’ at the respected Internet 2.0 Conference in Dubai.