Mr. Wan Suhaimie Wan Mohd Saidie

Head of Economic Research, Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd


He has more than 30 years of working experience 26 of which as an economist covering the financial markets. After receiving a degree in economics at the International Islamic University Malaysia in 1991, he joined The Star daily newspaper as a reporter and later as a financial correspondent for AFX Asia (A joint venture between Agence France Presse and Financial Times). He began his investment research career with PB Worldsec Securities (A Hong Kong-based brokerage, then a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Tokyo Bank) in 1996 as an equity analyst but shortly switched to macroeconomic research. Following the Asian financial crisis of 1999 he briefly returned to financial journalism and later joined AmInvestment Bank as an economist before joining Kenanga Investment Bank in 2006 as head of economic research. He currently sits on the board of trustees of the Malaysian Tax Research Foundation. He was also trained as a photojournalist at Brandenburg Berlin School of Journalism in Germany. His other area of interest includes behavioral science, multi asset investment, risk management, blockhain digital asset technology, and economic history.