Ms Cynthia Handriani Wijaya

Chief Corporate Officer of Daya Selaras Group and Founder of ECO-S, Indonesia


Ms. Cynthia Handriani Wijaya- At 19 years old, Cynthia graduated as valedictorian with a Bachelor’s degree in Prof. Accounting from Macquarie University, Sydney. Then she joined her family business, Daya Selaras Group (DSG), which has been in the paper and corrugated carton industry for more than 30 years. DSG is a sustainable industrial hub linking the industrial loop from waste paper material to corrugated carton packaging through their network of partners and/or affiliates in the paper recycling, industrial paper, corrugated carton and logistics sectors, hence forming a circular value chain. Cynthia is now Chief Corporate Officer at DSG and is also leading the company’s ESG division. On top of that, she founded Eco Selaras or ‘ECO-S’ which is a coworking & office space that houses Indonesia’s first climate-tech hub.

She is passionate about circular economy and the zero-waste movement. She obtained her executive education in Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies from Cambridge University. In addition, she initiated various projects with the informal waste sector, recycling start-ups, the Indonesian Circular Economy Forum and many more.

In 2021, she represented Indonesia in the ASEAN Youth Fellowship program hosted by the Singapore International Foundation and National Youth Council of Singapore, with the theme of ‘Building a Sustainable Future, Together’. Cynthia was invited to be a panel speaker in the SMEICC Conference Series 2022 (Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry) on the topic of ‘Drivers and Barriers to going green for SMEs’. She represented Daya Selaras Group in the ESG World Summit & GRIT awards in 2022 and won the ‘Sustainability Champion award’.