Ms Josephine Tan

General Manager, Penang Green Council


Josephine Tan is no stranger to Penang State’s ambitious vision in becoming a Green State. For the past 6 years, she has been serving as the Special Officer in charge of Environmental portfolio under Penang State Government. Her vast experience also comes from her active involvement in environmental related issues, policies making, educational awareness and international networking platforms such as CCAC, GEC, and UN Habitat. She is persistent that all mankind shares the same responsibility in protecting our environment because if we are sharing the same sunlight, air and natural resources on this planet, then why are we not sharing the same responsibility in caring for it?

She describes herself as an enthusiast, energetic, self-assuring and highly curious person. She reads, listens to music, workout and goes on holidays during her free time.

Her aspiring nature believes that there’s nothing she can’t achieve in life as long as she is willing to work for it. There shouldn’t be a reasonable limit to her achievement. Her vision is to Leave A Legacy!