Ms. Rejina Rahim

Managing Founder, Wahine Capital Sdn. Bhd and 30% Steering Committee Member, Malaysia


Ms. Rejina Rahim started off her career in stock broking before joining the fund management industry in 1998. She has under her belt 25 years in the Malaysian capital markets, spent mostly in the investment management industry.

Up till end 2021, Rejina was the Founding MD for the Malaysian office of Nomura Asset Management which she grew from scratch to an award-winning firm with over MYR30 billion in assets under management. She remains actively involved with the industry through her role as Advisor and Board member as well as various industry committees including climate change taxonomy, Islamic finance and women leadership.

She was one of the inaugural 2021 Listee of the Kindness & Leadership 50 Leading Lights Asia Pacific and was also named by Asia Asset Management magazine as 25 industry leaders of the Asian asset management industry. She started Wahine (pronounced Wa-hee-nay) Capital as a means of securing the financial future of women and they have just released their first product, W Vault for beta testing.