Veronica Colondam

CEO & Founder, YCAB Foundation, Indonesia


Founded YCAB Foundation (1999) as the flagship organisation in YCAB social enterprise. With a mission to break generational poverty, YCAB uses financial inclusion as an instrument to enable education by making education the precondition to capital. Impact to date, 5 million youth & women.

Through its investment arm, YCAB Ventures makes early stage investments in impact companies that can strengthen & contribute to the mission.

Consultative status with the UN-ECOSOC since 2016; ranked 29th in the Top 200 NGO in the World (Geneva, 2022).

MSc. from Imperial College London. Alumni of the WEF’s YGL programs in Harvard (2009) & Yale (2014); SE Fellows at MIT & INSEAD & Impact Investing (Oxford). Author and speaker; A Schwabee 2012; Forbes’ 48 Asian Philanthropist 2015; Asia’s Top Superwomen 2021; honoured with 2 United Nations awards (Vienna 2001; New York 2017).

An Independent Commissioner of the largest MFi: PT. PNM Indonesia (2018-2023) & currently serves as AVPN Chair.