Veronica Cretu

Good Governance & Open Data Expert, Innovating Governance Association, Austria


Ms. Veronica Cretu has an established track record working in open government, open data, AI and Internet Governance, Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, by building on more than 20 years of experience in Moldova, as well as across EaP, Western Balkans, Central Asia countries. She has served on numerous global committees and advisory groups.

She has been leading the national open government efforts between 2012-2022, by acting as a co-chair of the Moldovan Coordination Committee on Open Government.

Veronica is currently a member of the Committee on AI and Access Info Group of the Council of Europe. Veronica is one of the co-founders of Innovating Governance Association Austria. She is the author of the Gender Advocacy Capacity Building Program of University of Central Asia.
She brings a rich experience in independent project evaluation, rapid assessments, research methodology, and critical thinking.
Veronica worked with several international organizations such as OSCE, UNDP, University of Central Asia, Social Impact, Oxford Policy Management, OSI, OCP, others. She worked with the World Bank in Moldova on open government and Open Data, Governance Reforms Scorecard, Data Ecosystems, and Education Reform during 2012- 2019. She is a former Director of Strategy and Partnerships with the Global Data Barometer 2020-2021.