Ms. Vivian Claire Liew

Climate & Sustainability Advisor to Sovereign Wealth Funds & Key Family Offices & Founding CEO, PhilanthropyWorks


Vivian Claire Liew advises Sovereign Wealth Funds & leading financial institutions at the cutting edge of optimizing climate alpha in portfolio valuation. She leads PhilanthropyWorks in advising governments and business families, both optimizing and evaluating results in Sustainable Development & transformative philanthropy.

YGL 2015, thought leader, board director & speaker, and expert practitioner, she leads due diligence, strategy conception & implementation of selected projects. PW’s deep research – that even top global experts are surprised by – and groundbreaking insights lead to success in key challenges in developed and developing Asia. Results range from 30% income increases in job-training projects, and doubled education rates, to a major change in global funding allocation for a key country to act decisively in climate action.

We are particularly focused on projects pivotal to climate action, inclusive growth and sustainable health system optimization. Selected Board / Leadership РSecurities Investor Association (Singapore), Medecins sans Frontieres (Brussels), Asean 100 Leadership Forum, Asia Society, Singapore’s 50 most inspiring women, 40 under 40 Alum РWorld Bank, Goldman Sachs, UBS, UPenn (inc Wharton)