Prof Datuk Dr Hajjah Bibi Florina Abdullah

Pro-Chancellor, Lincoln University College, Malaysia


PROF. DATUK DR HAJJAH BIBI FLORINA ABDULLAH, the Pro-Chancellor of Lincoln University College, Malaysia. Hailing from the humble city of Papar in Sabah, Malaysia, Datuk Dr. Bibi is a distinguished figure in the fields of education and healthcare, renowned for her exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge and societal well-being.

As a highly experienced leader in Malaysian higher education, Datuk Dr. Bibi is recognized for her remarkable dedication to expanding student opportunities, catalyzing academic innovation, and promoting the university’s corporate social responsibility and engagement with society.

Throughout her illustrious career, Datuk Dr. Bibi has held several key leadership positions, including:

  • Pro-Chancellor, Lincoln University College (2008 – Present)
  • Former Director of Nursing, Ministry of Health Malaysia (2004 – 2008)
  • Chief Nurse for the State of Sabah (2000 – 2003)
  • Former Registrar of Nursing Board Malaysia

As Pro-Chancellor of Lincoln University College since 2008, Datuk Dr. Bibi has been instrumental in advancing the university’s commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and social activities. She has played a pivotal role in offering equal academic opportunities for underprivileged students, particularly from rural areas in Sabah, empowering them to pursue successful careers in various fields of study.

With her visionary leadership, Datuk Dr. Bibi has guided the institute’s efforts in undergraduate and graduate education, research initiatives, international partnerships, and strategic planning. Her unwavering dedication to professionalizing education and fostering a culture of academic excellence has transformed Lincoln University College into a beacon of learning and innovation.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Datuk Dr. Bibi has received numerous awards and honors, including:

  • Datukship conferred by the Governor of Sabah, Malaysia
  • M.N and A.M.N awards from the King of Malaysia
  • Outstanding Women’s Award in Sabah 2021
  • Recognition as one of the 100 Women of Inspiration

Datuk Dr. Bibi’s academic background is equally impressive, with degrees and certifications from esteemed institutions such as the University of Northumbria (UK), University of Manchester (UK), and the Royal College of Nursing London. Fluent in both English and Bahasa Melayu, she has dedicated 36 years to the Ministry of Health Malaysia, retiring as the Registrar of the Nursing Board Malaysia.

Beyond her professional achievements, Datuk is actively involved in various social organizations and initiatives aimed at promoting education, healthcare, and economic development in Sabah and Malaysia. Her leadership and tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on the communities she serves, making her a true inspiration and role model for future generations.