Prof. Dr. Loredana Padurean

Senior Associate Dean, Asia School of Business, Malaysia and International Faculty Fellow at MIT Sloan


Global speaker, author, and entrepreneur, Loredana is known as the Unconventional Professor due to her direct approach, challenging views, and sharp fashion. Before becoming an academic, she had over 19 different odd jobs, anywhere from constructions or transportations, TV, fashion, or life insurance. For 3 years, during her PhD, she took over a bankrupted ski resort in Switzerland, population 38, and turned it around through a combination of action research and ethnographic adventures.

Loredana Padurean recently published a new book “The Job is Easy, The People are Not – 10 Smart Skills to Become Better People”, in which she proposes a new organizational leadership framework, transitioning from soft and hard skills to a more contemporary smart and sharp skills and a specific set skill essential for working together. The ebook is now available on Amazon Kindle and more information can be found on

Together with MIT Sloan Professor Charles Fine, she is working on an upcoming book on entrepreneurship called “Nail it, Scale it, Sail it.”

She teaches in the MIT Sloan Executive Education program in Boston, IMD Switzerland and delivers keynotes globally.
As an international consultant, Professor Loredana Padurean helps organizations on topics of innovation and entre/intrapreneurship, digital, organizational and people transformation.

Prof. Loredana Padurean is a strong supporter of equality in all its forms of expression, she is a vegan animal lover, and more than anything, she loves to spend time in her country house in beautiful Transylvania, Romania. To learn more visit