Prof. Dr. Marco Tieman

Chief Executive Officer, LBB International


PROF. DR. MARCO TIEMAN is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of LBB International, a supply chain strategy consultancy and research firm. He has been advisor to businesses and governments in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East on procurement, production, logistics and supply chain management.

He is a full professor with ELM Graduate School, HELP University, in Malaysia. He conducts research in halal procurement, halal supply chain management, and halal risk and reputation management. He won academic awards for his groundbreaking research in halal purchasing and halal supply chain management. He is also a Research Fellow with University of Malaya Halal Research Centre, conducting research in halal procurement strategy. He is the author of ‘Halal Business Management: A guide to achieving halal excellence’, providing practical advice and guidance how best to organise and upscale halal business operations. He created a YouTube channel on halal business management.

He has a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management Science from the University of Twente (the Netherlands) and a PhD in Business Management [halal supply chain management] from the Universiti Teknologi MARA (Malaysia).