Rashidi Yahaya

Group Chief Executive Officer. Seterra Group of Companies


In the world of Islamic aged care, few individuals possess the depth of experience and visionary leadership that Rashidi Yahaya embodies. With an illustrious career spanning 30 years in corporate law, Rashidi has emerged as one of the most influential minds in this specialized field not only in Malaysia but across the region. As the Group CEO of Seterra Group of Companies, a pioneering Islamic aged care organization, Rashidi combines his legal acumen and passion for serving the elderly to redefine the standards of  care for senior Muslims worldwide.

Rashidi Yahaya’s journey towards becoming a leading figure in Islamic aged care began with a solid foundation in corporate law. Over the course of 26 years, he honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in international business transactions. His vast experience encompasses engagement in China, Europe, Africa, and his home country, Malaysia. Rashidi’s expertise extends to various industries, including oil and gas, where he successfully managed and operated a group of companies specializing in FPSO/FSO conversions, shipbuilding, and repairs.

A standout accomplishment in Rashidi’s career was his role as the Chief Trade Negotiator and Legal Counsel for the exports of Malaysian palm oil, petroleum, and petrochemical products to key markets such as China, India, and Europe. His proficiency in navigating complex trade agreements and forging strategic partnerships has greatly contributed to the growth and success of Malaysian corporations and government linked companies. Rashidi’s exceptional ability to facilitate public and private equity financing and foreign direct investments has earned him the distinction of being a trusted advisor to numerous entities in Malaysia’s corporate landscape.

In addition to his corporate law career, Rashidi Yahaya’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a mobile apps and augmented reality startup in 2009. This venture demonstrated his foresight in harnessing emerging technologies to enhance user experiences and create innovative solutions. His acumen in identifying market trends and capitalizing on technological advancements has shaped his unique approach to Islamic aged care. As the Group CEO of Seterra Group of Companies, Rashidi Yahaya spearheads a groundbreaking initiative in the realm of Islamic aged care. Drawing upon his wealth of experience and passion for serving the elderly, he has revolutionized the concept of care for senior Muslims. Seterra’s holistic approach ensures that aged individuals receive culturally sensitive services, tailored to their specific religious and cultural needs. Through Rashidi’s visionary leadership, Seterra has become a global beacon of compassion, dignity, and respect for the aging population.

Rashidi’s dedication to the aging population extends beyond Malaysia’s borders. He has actively engaged with mosque communities and congregations in countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia, collaborating to enhance support systems for aging Muslims. By forging partnerships and sharing best practices, Rashidi aims to empower local communities and foster an environment that cherishes and respects its elderly members.

Rashidi Yahaya’s remarkable journey from a distinguished corporate law career to becoming a trailblazer in Islamic aged care showcases his passion for making a positive impact on society. His extensive experience in global trade, negotiations, and entrepreneurship, combined with his unwavering dedication to enhancing the lives of senior Muslims, has positioned him as one of the finest minds in the field. Through his visionary leadership at Seterra Group of Companies, Rashidi is shaping the future of Islamic aged care, ensuring that elderly Muslims receive the respect, dignity, and culturally sensitive support they deserve. His unwavering commitment to compassion and innovation continues to inspire and transform the way we care for the aging population.